6 FLL teams to compete at Qualifying in December

We have 6 teams competing this year. Many returning members joined the Space Sharks and Cosmic Brownies, and are joined by lots of new team members founding Team Rebel Fleet, Team LED, Elite AI and The Blue Dragons.

First Lego League – State Competition

One of the NKN teams The Droplets qualified to participate in the State FLL tournament this year. They learned a lot and managed to get 70 points on the board! Their performance taught us that a strong project can get a team to State easier than a strong robot game. The team’s tiny robot impressed…

First Lego League Regional Competition

28 Neah-Kah-Nie students attended the Regional FIRST Lego League Tournament on Saturday December 2nd at George Fox University. Four teams called The Purritos, Waterpipes, Hydro-Works, and Droplets ran their robots to complete missions on a performance field, presented their research projects on a topic in the area of Human Water usage, and showed off their…

Four FLL Teams to compete!

This year we have four FLL teams competing in FLL.
and Water pipes.
It should be a fun year!

Recent articles about I4IGM…

Lately I4IGM has recieved not one but two articles showcasing some of the fun and interesting work that we do. One example of this is the amazing chess set that Nakai carefully 3D modeled and printed using our Dremel Ideabuilder. Below are links to the articles written about us: Thanks to Brian Cameron of the North…

Club Logo

  This year I4IGM built two completely different logos. The First Lego League Challenge this year was Animal Allies, hence the logo featured above. Hopefully later this week we will have a new logo to add to our ‘circuit board’ t-shirts. I will post it here when it is finished.  

Interested in FLL?

First Lego League is entering Year 2! Any students interested in participating have an opportunity to compete at the school level. One team will be competing at Regionals in Portland in December.

Screen printing becomes a reality!

I4IGM has received generous funding from the Mudd-Nick Foundation this year, and one of the projects we have funded is the ability to print our own T-Shirt designs.

Guitar Pics

The past two weeks students have been learning to use 123D modelling software.

School Board Appreciation

I4IGM had a great time creating a LED light display for a poster for Mr. Pat Ryan who is on our school board.

STREAMlab Logo

Every new space needs a great name. Our new logo was designed by the fabulous Elaine Cummings. Elaine worked as the Library Media Assistant for NKN Middle and High Schools for many years, retiring only recently.